Publication Relating to a Transparency Notification



Publication Relating to a Transparency Notification

Mont-Saint-Guibert (Belgium), December 8, 2023, 10.30pm CET / 4.30pm ET In accordance with article 14 of the Act of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of large shareholdings, Nyxoah SA (Euronext Brussels/Nasdaq: NYXH) announces that it received a transparency notification as detailed below.

On December 6, 2023, Nyxoah received a transparency notification from Deerfield Partners, L.P. indicating that Deerfield Partners, L.P. crossed the 3% threshold on November 30, 2023, after which Deerfield Partners, L.P. holds 856,085 shares, representing 2.99% of the total number of voting rights on November 30, 2023 (28,673,985).

The notification dated December 6, 2023 contains the following information:

  • Reason for the notification:
    • Acquisition or disposal of voting securities or voting rights
    • Downward crossing of the lowest threshold
  • Notification by: a parent undertaking or a controlling person
  • Persons subject to the notification requirement:
    • James E. Flynn
    • Deerfield Partners, L.P. (with address at 345 Park Ave S., 12th FL, New York, NY 10010 United States)
    • Deerfield Mgmt, L.P. (with address at 345 Park Ave S., 12th FL, New York, NY 10010 United States)
    • J.E. Flynn Capital, LLC (with address at 345 Park Ave S., 12th FL, New York, NY 10010 United States)
    • Deerfield Management Company, L.P. (with address at 345 Park Ave S., 12th FL, New York, NY 10010 United States)
    • Flynn Management LLC (with address at 345 Park Ave S., 12th FL, New York, NY 10010 United States)
  • Date on which the threshold was crossed: November 30, 2023
  • Threshold that is crossed: 3%
  • Denominator: 28,673,985
  • Notified details:
A) Voting rights Previous notification After the transaction
# of voting rights # of voting rights % of voting rights
Holders of voting rights Linked to securities Not linked to the
Linked to securities Not linked to the
James E. Flynn 0 0 0 0.00% 0.00%
Deerfield Partners, L.P. 899,300 856,085 0 2.99% 0.00%
Subtotal 899,300 856,085 2.99%
TOTAL 856,085 0 2.99% 0.00%
  • Chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held: Deerfield Partners, L.P. is controlled by (i) Deerfield Mgmt L.P., which is controlled by J.E. Flynn Capital, LLC and (ii) Deerfield Management Company, L.P., which is controlled by Flynn Management LLC. Both Flynn Management LLC and J.E. Flynn Capital, LLC are controlled by James E. Flynn.
  • Additional information: a sale of shares by Deerfield Partners, L.P.


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Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi signs letter of collaboration with Foundation of Environmental Education

To enhance environmental education, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), signed a letter of collaboration with the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) during COP 28.

Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director, Environmental Information, Science and Outreach Management, represented EAD, with Daniel Schaffer, CEO, signing on behalf of FEE.

A non-governmental, non-profit organisation, FEE promotes sustainable development through environmental education.

Following a series of meetings, the letter of collaboration focuses on establishing a mutually beneficial collaborative connection between EAD and FEE that will promote EAD’s flagship programmes: the Sustainable Schools Initiative (SSI), Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), and FEE’s Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) initiative.

The partnership will also facilitate collaboration with FEE’s network of organisations, educators, and experts, fulfilling one of the EAD’s obligations to establish a Regional Centre of Expertise for Education for Sustai
nable Development (RCE) under the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration Action Plan Challenge 6 – Education. FEE, along with UNESCO and North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), is leading the Education Challenge as part of the Decade.

Ahmed Baharoon, on the occasion, said: ‘Environmental education is the crux of our role at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) – something we have been doing for decades with a strong track record of success. Therefore, it is always an honour to establish partnerships with international entities like the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) that share our mandate, at an event as prominent as COP28. This letter of collaboration will help enhance EAD’s access to global best practices and resources in environmental education and greatly increase our ability to promulgate our own best practices and experience on the global stage via FEE’s global network.’

He added: ‘On a grassroots level, we will engage young people and help them become the voices o
f the environment and, most importantly, climate action. By working together, we will strengthen environmental education’s role in biodiversity conservation and climate change action. With the youth acting as the future stewards and healers of the environment, they will be continuing our legacy of conserving the environment and saving the planet. We will be promoting our Sustainable Schools Initiative and Sustainable Campus Initiative, while encouraging youth to research environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting, photography and video journalism through FEE’s Young Reporters for the Environment programme.’

Pramod Kumar Sharma, Senior Director of Education at FEE, underscores that ‘The environmental crisis is not confined to local boundaries; it demands concerted global efforts with a strong foundation at the grassroots. YRE, a cornerstone of the Greening Education Partnership’s Pillar 4 – focused on community sustainability – stands out as a potent instrument for cultivating
eco-conscious communities.

YRE goes beyond traditional environmental education; it serves as a catalyst, empowering youth to emerge as influential thought leaders within their communities. By honing their competencies in utilizing diverse media tools, young individuals not only raise awareness about environmental challenges but also become ambassadors of actionable solutions. In the face of climate change, YRE equips them with the skills to advocate for adaptation and mitigation strategies.

This holistic approach underscores our commitment to fostering a generation of informed and proactive leaders who not only understand the complexities of our environmental challenges but are also equipped to drive positive change at the local level.”

In 2009, EAD launched the Sustainable Schools Initiative, which was designed to harness the teaching of sustainability in schools to help place environmental concerns higher on students’ personal agendas. To date, 468 schools have committed to the initiative and more school
s are joining all the time.

In 2013, SSI won the Green Middle East Award for Best Environmental Awareness and Education Project and in 2015, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) declared SSI an innovative model for education in sustainable development and recommended its implementation around the world. In 2017, SSI was also recognised by Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) as a global case study in environmental education.

In 2014, EAD pioneered the Sustainable Campus Initiative with 25 universities enrolled to date. The initiative’s key achievement includes the training through workshops of over 1 276 student and faculty members. In addition, 112 action project and audit reports on the sustainability of university campuses were submitted by the participating colleges and universities.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Companies featured in ‘Future 100’ initiative announced

Future 100, a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Economy and the Government Development and the Future Office, has unveiled the 100 companies featured in its 2023 list.

These companies successfully passed the evaluation process and met the required criteria. The list comprises the top 100 emerging companies contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the future economy’s sectors.

The announcement unfolded during a ceremony held at the Museum of the Future. The event was attended by Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy; Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and The Future, alongside senior officials from the winning companies.

The Minister of Economy emphasised that the Future 100 initiative continues to play its role in consolidating the UAE’s position as a preferred destination for future economy companies and new economy projects, especially those related to advanced technology, innovation, and the knowledge economy, in line with the obje
ctives of the “We the UAE 2031” vision.

In his speech during the ceremony, he said, “We congratulate the 100 companies that successfully made it to the final stage of the initiative’s first edition to become the best 100 companies of the future, possessing pioneering capabilities for growth and healthy competition. We believe this is a turning point that will enable these companies to achieve more sustainable commercial success and access to regional and global markets.”

He added, “In the UAE, based on the vision and directives of our wise leadership, we believe that the private sector is a strategic and key partner of the government in development, and we are keen to empower and enhance its contribution on an ongoing basis. We are proud of the support we provide today to the best 100 companies of the future through this initiative.

It confirms our national approach to building sustainable partnerships with the private sector, and reflects the extent of the government’s commitment to providing the best inc
ubating environment for global talent and creative youth, celebrating them, supporting their pioneering projects, and creating an attractive climate for promising businesses in various fields, especially in the future and the new economy sectors.”

Bin Touq explained that the companies that applied to be selected for the first cohort of the initiative came from a wide range of new economy sectors such as FinTech, sustainability, creative industries, health technology, educational technology, AgriTech, space, and renewable energy – sectors that support the UAE’s transition towards the new economic model, which is based on flexibility and innovation.

He pointed out that 70% of the companies that applied for the initiative are startups, while 30% are in the expansion stage, which reflects the importance of the initiative in highlighting the diverse activities and promising prospects of these companies. It serves as an example encouraging various enterprises in the country to benefit from this initiative, its de
velopment tools and strategies to keep pace with future trends on an ongoing basis.

The Minister of Government Development and the Future congratulated the companies showcased in Future 100 across diverse new sectors. She underscored that these companies possess substantial potential for both global and local growth within emerging sectors, thereby fortifying the UAE’s readiness for the future.

She highlighted, “Future 100 has uncovered numerous startups and scaleup venturing into new sectors, receiving over a thousand applications from various targeted sectors over three months. The initiative provides a robust impetus to expedite the performance of new and future sectors in alignment with the vision of ‘We the UAE 2031’ and the Economic Principles for the UAE, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to construct the most dynamic and competitive economy and achieve proactiveness in the sectors of the future. This, in turn, creates n
ovel opportunities for emerging companies operating in new sectors.”

Al Roumi emphasised that the Future 100 initiative is steadfastly advancing, aiming to solidify the UAE’s standing as a premier hub for new economy companies. It is dedicated to cultivating an inspiring environment conducive to the growth and prosperity of these enterprises, crafting success stories in the economy of the future, and facilitating the global scale of new economy companies.

Ohood Al Roumi thanked the partners of the “Future 100” initiative, noting their important role in providing unique support and benefits to the winning companies.

24% of the companies featured on the Future 100 list specialise in the fintech sector, 17% in sustainability and the environment, 17% in the technology, artificial intelligence, web3, cybersecurity and e-commerce, 11% in Healthtech, 10% for renewable energy, creative industries, biotechnology and advanced industries, 6% in Intelligent Mobility, 5% in space and Edutech, Agritech each.

More than
45 evaluators and experts from various sectors assessed the applications and conducted interviews with company officials based on a set of criteria. These criteria included the ability to innovate in business models leveraging new technologies, the potential of the target market, the ability to reach key customers according to a specific business plan with clear financial data, business feasibility including a strategy for securing future financing, and the impact of environmental and social governance in the UAE and globally.

The initiative attracted applications from a diverse array of new economic sectors, including space, biotechnology, advanced industries, agritech, renewable energy, creative industries, sustainability, healthtech, cybersecurity, intelligent mobility, fintech, edutech, sharing economy, robotics, web 3, e-commerce, IoT, blockchain, the on-demand economy, improved services based on artificial intelligence, and 3D printing.

The initiative fostered strategic partnerships, including Majra-
National CSR Fund, and acceleration partners such as the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, Emirates NBD, Dubai Future District Fund, Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund, Microsoft, Careem, and FTI Consulting. In the community partners category, entities like Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus, Ajman Chamber, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre (Sheraa), Hub71, Abu Dhabi SME Hub, Mashreq Bank, Sandooq Al Watan, Khalifa Fund, Middle East VC Association (MEVCA), MEVP, VentureSouq, Astrolabs, Flat6Labs, North Star, and the Greenhouse – Chalhoub Group, Entrepreneur Middle East played pivotal roles.

These partnerships offer a myriad of incentives and resources, including the possibility of investing in companies that make it to the Future 100 list, support for accelerating innovation and digital transformation, technical and legal assistance, competitive financing solutions, and workshops on intellectual property righ
ts and trademark protection. Additionally, Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub will offer cutting-edge artificial intelligence services and expert guidance to foster innovation and sustainable growth among startups.

The companies listed in “Future 100 will participate in the Investopia summit, a global platform connecting investors, business leaders and governments to identify new investment opportunities, drive growth and incubate future economies globally.

The initiative is dedicated to supporting new economic sectors that will shape the UAE’s future economy, with a particular focus on the country’s burgeoning startup sector. Developing and enhancing the startup sector’s contribution to the national economy are key goals on the UAE government’s agenda.

The initiative celebrates the private sector’s successes in the country, recognising the best 100 emerging companies that significantly enhance the competitiveness of the country’s future economic sectors.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Young farmers and sustainable practices shine at COP28

At COP28 in Dubai, the Youth Hub became a platform for young farmers to showcase their innovative projects for sustainable agriculture. One such farmer was Saeed Ahmed Alremeithi, a pioneer in organic farming in the country. He presented his project, “The Organic Farm,” which impressed with its comprehensive approach.

The Organic Farm incorporates meat production, grain cultivation, vegetable farming, and the utilization of trees, palm trees, and agricultural waste. This holistic strategy aims to provide healthy, organic food to diverse consumers while promoting sustainable practices across all aspects of life.

Alremeithi expressed his pride in participating in COP28, a crucial event for addressing climate change. He emphasized the UAE’s remarkable journey of transformation, highlighting the country’s success in converting desert land into a thriving green oasis through dedicated efforts.

Manea Ahmed Al Kaabi, owner of one of the leading Emirati honey producers, ‘Emirati Beekeepers,’ showcased his innovat
ive approach to beekeeping at COP28. His company specialises in premium honey varieties like Sidr, Sumar, Ghaf, and Qarm, along with beekeeping, queen rearing, and other bee products like pollen and natural beeswax.

Farmer Hazza Al Ketbi, owner of Al Falaj Farms specialising in fig production, presented his sustainable agricultural practices at the Youth Pavilion. In this pavilion, visitors learn about modern agricultural practices that keep pace with efforts to preserve the environment and natural resources.

As part of Al Ketbi participation in this prominent global event organised by the UAE, he highlighted the success story he has had in growing fig trees based on sustainable agricultural methods, noting that the UAE is dedicated to supporting farmers and encouraging them to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that ensure the preservation of natural resources while providing consumers with high-quality products.

Al Ketbi pointed out that he began growing fig trees in 2019, and today he feeds the lo
cal market with large quantities of products for 6 months of the year. These local products are characterised by high quality and enjoy remarkable demand from consumers.

Abdullah Sulaiman Al Hosani is participating in a project to produce ‘compost fertilizer’ based on hydroponics, where he succeeded in recycling waste such as eggshells and the remains of vegetable peels to produce this type of fertilizer.

Additionally, Abdullah’s farms excel in cultivating seasonal vegetables such as eggplants, Onions, and palm crops. Through COP28, he said Emirati youth were able to showcase innovations in various fields that focus on sustainability and environmental conservation.

The Youth Hub in the Green Zone at COP28, provides a platform for brainstorming and discussion on climate change. The Hub operates under the Federal Youth Authority of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. It has the support of the Minister of Community Development and the Youth Climate Leader of the COP.

The Youth Hub features eight innovative in
itiatives: a university debate championship, a market for sustainable products, youth challenges, sustainability dialogues, an innovations platform, content maker platforms, an environmental practices guide, and cross-border youth experience reviews. The event offers interactive activities like youth circles, forums, dialogues with experts, and sessions with leaders and mentors. Additionally, it provides extensive studies and surveys on Emirati youth’s awareness of climate change and ways to address it.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Peruvian students laud UAE’s support for youth in climate action

The UAE has emerged as a leading force in empowering youth to combat climate change. Its efforts go beyond merely providing a platform for young voices in climate discussions aligned with UN goals. Initiatives like the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize demonstrably fund and recognise the impactful, innovative, and inspiring sustainable projects undertaken by schools worldwide.

This year’s COP28 serves as a perfect stage for the awards ceremony. The High Performance School La Libertad from Peru received a well-deserved $100,000 grant to further their project aimed at improving the water quality of the Mochica Canal in the Laredo region.

Project student Xiomara Enma Gutiérrez expressed her admiration for the UAE’s approach, saying, “The UAE supports the projects of young people who are eager to improve the quality of the environment in our country and the community.”

The winning project, competing in the High Schools in the Americas category, addressed the pressing issue of contamination in the 3,000-y
ear-old pre-Hispanic canal. According to student Víctor Eduardo Sánchez, the canal was polluted with heavy metals, organic waste, and sewage.

“The solution we proposed is phytoremediation, a process that utilises different types of plants, specifically bryophytes in this case,” Sánchez explained. “These plants have the remarkable ability to absorb pollutants present in the water, thereby improving its quality.”

Sánchez further emphasised the significance of winning the award, stating, “This is a great achievement, a true testament to the power of teamwork. It not only provides us with the opportunity to improve the quality of life in our community but also empowers both students and teachers to enhance their skills and contribute meaningfully to improving the situation in our region.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

Dubai Municipality harnesses all its pioneering efforts during COP28

With thousands flocking to Dubai for COP28, the government has implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure public health and safety. Amidst this significant influx, Dubai welcomed 140 heads of state, over 70,000 delegates, and an estimated 400,000 visitors, adding to the city’s existing population of over 3 million.

The responsibility of maintaining public health, encompassing everything from food safety to city cleanliness, falls upon Dubai Municipality. Collaborating with local agencies and private companies, the municipality leverages its mandate of overseeing public services and facilities to make Dubai a more sustainable, beautiful, pioneering, and liveable city.

Organised into seven distinct sectors and agencies, each with specific tasks, Dubai Municipality operates under a unified vision: to solidify Dubai’s position as a leading city of the future.

Dubai Municipality is leading on public safety, including overseeing elevators and escalators, is the Environment, Health Safety Agency. The municipalit
y is also responsible for the safety of water systems and indoor air quality. This agency also oversees the implementation of pest control operations by approved companies following strict standards.

The Food Safety Department has one of the largest tasks. With roughly half a million mouths to feed during COP28, it is up to this unit to ensure food safety at the event site and the headquarters of delegations and accompanying events. Compliance is key to food safety. Inspectors visit all food and beverage suppliers during the event to ensure they meet the requirements. They supervise the delivery, preparation, and serving of food across all locations. Similarly, inspectors collect food samples to be tested in laboratories as part of the food safety plan. The Dubai Central Laboratory tests more than 3 million products each year.

In addition, the UAE Food Bank team is ensuring that any surplus food is being collected and sent to its distribution centres. It collected 550kg of food items in the first four days
and distributed the food to 2,200 beneficiaries.

During COP28, Dubai Municipality’s Waste Operations Department ensures the efficient management of 40 tonnes of waste per day. With its partners, Dubai Municipality is ensuring that 30% of the waste is recycled, 35% is converted into organic fertiliser, and the remaining waste is sent to the Warsan Waste to Energy plant, which is converted into power.

Dubai Municipality also oversees the drainage and recycled water network, ensuring it is ready to operate at maximum capacity whenever needed. This includes preventive maintenance of the drainage pumping stations connected to a central monitoring system. Dubai Municipality, in partnership with the Expo City team, also verified the integrity of drainage and rainwater slope lines at Expo City using CCTV.

The municipality has crews continually remotely inspecting and cleaning wastewater and rainwater lines. The same teams are checking entrances to the collection lake at Expo City and responding to reports of drain
age in the area. The 10.3 m diametre Deep Stormwater Tunnels are also showcased at the Dubai Municipality stand in the Energy Transition Hub.

Maintenance, cleaning and responding to reports under Dubai Municipality’s scope of work are critical to the smooth running of an event as large and complex as COP28. Tying all these responsibilities and departments together is Dubai Municipality’s command and control centre.

A single, joint operations room is overseeing the management of each department’s activities, ensuring they respond to tasks. The control room coordinates between teams and relevant government agencies, as well as Expo’s management, to monitor the entire event and respond to any challenges related to Dubai Municipality’s responsibility.

Source: Emirates News Agency