Administrative Judicial Council Approves English Language Teaching Plan for Judges of Board of Grievances

Riyadh, The Administrative Judicial Council has approved a plan to teach judges of the Board of Grievances English language, with the aim of diversifying the sources of knowledge for the administrative judiciary staff and enable them to examine various documents.

This step can help judges get familiarized with international legal experiences, practices and research, and increase the level of engagement and legal interaction with the international community.

Secretary-General of the Administrative Judicial Council Dr. Ali Al-Ahaideb said that the Board of Grievances, which enjoys the support of the Kingdom’s leadership, is keen to develop the sector and focuses on equipping the judicial cadres with even more skills.

The Board of Grievances carries out development programs for judges regularly. After completing the training programs in digital technology and services, the Board of Grievance starts a new phase with an ambitious plan to keep abreast of the various developments in the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Press Agency