GWM Coffee Intelligence 2.0 Upgrade Provides More User-friendly Intelligent Experiences

BAODING, China, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the upgraded GWM Coffee Intelligence 2.0 was officially launched, which received attention from many media and users.

Coffee Intelligence 2.0 has introduced a brand-new electronic and electrical architecture and intelligent drive-by-wire chassis. It has also upgraded intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving and intelligent services, which could bring more humanized intelligent experiences to users.

The upgraded GWM Coffee Intelligence 2.0 was launched

Electronic and electrical architecture and intelligent drive-by-wire chassis are the core of this upgrade. The upgraded architectures allow for more advanced intelligent functions. The intelligent drive-by-wire chassis has been upgraded in order to meet L4 and higher-level automatic driving requirements.

Based on the above-mentioned improvement, the vehicle can realize cruise assistance in full speed domain, traffic congestion assistance, one-button start fully automatic parking and other intelligent driving functions. Especially for the function of one-button start fully automatic parking, when encountering a narrow parking space, users can start the one-button automatic parking function, so that the vehicle can realize route planning, automatically complete steering, gear shifting, braking, acceleration/deceleration and other operations. This function can particularly help users solve diverse parking problems such as backing into the parking space.

Coffee Intelligence 2.0 platform has also launched the first Coffee Intelligence cockpit system—GC-OS. By optimizing functions such as AI-based speech recognition assistant, remote vehicle control and cloud-based remote upgrade, the system can realize human-computer interaction before, during and after driving. Adjusting the air conditioning temperature, opening/closing the sunroof and other functions can be achieved by voice commands. During navigation, users can also control the map and set the route points by using voice commands, it can reduce unnecessary manual operations to obtain higher driving safety.

Surprisingly, the GC-OS system can provide users with more than 40 scenario-based intelligent services such as intelligent social contact, intelligent car maintenance, digital life and car-home connectivity.

With the new service of car-home connectivity, users can realize real-time control over intelligent devices in their homes, like air conditioners, air purifiers and sweeping robots through voice assistants or central control screens. On the way home from office by driving, users can set the air conditioner temperature and air purifier of their homes by voice commands, so that they may enjoy the warm atmosphere when they get home. This smart service brings users a much more convenient life.

HAVAL H6S, which showed up at the 24th Chengdu Motor Show on August 29, was equipped with the GC-OS system. It has boosted users’ expectations with its intelligent advantages.

The upgraded Coffee Intelligence 2.0 platform shows us the technical strength of GWM in the era of intelligence-based competition. What also deserves expecting is that this technology might be applied to more new vehicle models, which will bring more scientific, technological and humanized experiences to all global users.

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