Minister Hamdan: Culture and art in the world are a sublime message that must triumph for our just cause

Ramallah Together – Minister of Culture Imad Hamdan stressed that art and culture have always carried a sublime and just humanitarian message, and that the Palestinian issue was and will remain the issue of the free world.

He added that Palestine does not forget its friends and supporters and everyone who stands by it in pursuit of what is right, and with the owners of the place that is full of history, heritage and stories of the Palestinian Canaanite land, which the occupation is trying to distort, desecrate and erase.

Hamdan said that the movement that is taking place in various festivals and artistic and cultural events is a stand with us, and everything that was documented by the brush of an artist and the pen of a writer during the war of extermination against our steadfast people in Gaza and everywhere, and that every stance is by an artist with a word or by raising the Palestinian flag and carrying Palestinian symbols in public and in front of the media screens. Traditional and social. All of this m
eans that the voice of truth does not weaken and that culture and arts were and will remain a sublime message and a permanent support for all values ??of justice and humanity.

Hamdan said that these honorable positions in international artistic forums come despite the pressures being created and imposed here and there to silence the voice that supports our cause and rejects the war of genocide and against the Israeli occupation that practices various forms of killing, injustice, and distortion of facts, history, and authentic Palestinian heritage.

Minister Hamdan presented a message of thanks and appreciation to those who stand alongside every child who lost his life and his family in Gaza, and alongside every woman, young man, woman and old man who were martyred during this war or lost their loved ones, who stand against the occupation’s bombing and destruction of historical buildings, and alongside every painter who lost his limbs and every musician who lost his limbs. The sense of hearing and on the side
of the oppressed and the bereaved in Palestine.

He also praised the individual and collective efforts to produce films and works that mimic the Palestinian reality, including films produced in the tents of the displaced in Gaza and under the war, and many artistic, cultural and literary works, stressing the importance of all these productions and efforts to document our story and the historical injustice we live in and raise our voice, and that despite all attempts to silence it and erase history, authentic history remains. He does not die and humanity will always triumph for humanity.

Source: Maan News Agency