Ministry of Education and Higher Education Holds Talks Session On Driving Students’ Future Success

Doha: HE CEO of Qatar Credit Bureau Sheikha Maryam bint Khalifa Al-Thani praised the significant role of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in supporting the field of economics and business management by incorporating financial and banking concepts in its curriculums and establishing specialized schools in the field.

She emphasized the importance of collaboration between the ministry and other banking sectors in the country to provide field visits for students and conduct workshops as these activities contribute to enhancing students’ ability to identify their academic and career paths in line with their future aspirations.

During her participation in a session organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education at Umm Ayman Secondary School for Girls, she delivered a message to the youth of the future, emphasizing the necessity of persistence in achieving dreams and ambitions, regardless of the challenges they may face, highlighting that success requires determination, ambition, and str
ong will, with a focus on the importance of giving back to the nation and society on the path to success.

For her part, Assistant Secretary-General of Qatar National Archive Aisha Al Saad also highlighted the role and efforts of the Archive in supporting students. She stressed the importance for Qatari students to recognize the value of this heritage, take pride in it, and cooperate with schools in the country. She noted that such cooperation includes conducting workshops to promote awareness of documentary heritage and organizing field visits for students to explore the library and exhibition at the Archives.

She emphasized the importance of ethical values in the professional path, including fostering good ethics, sincerity in work, cooperation, justice, and tolerance. She noted that these values contribute to building trust among employees and enhance team spirit within the workplace. Furthermore, she highlighted that showing love for others plays a fundamental role in promoting positive attitudes and int
eractions in the study and work environment.

During the session, both Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa Al-Thani and Aisha Al Saad shared their educational and professional journeys, as well as their practical and executive experiences and achievements in this context.

Source: Qatar News Agency