World Health Assembly approves USD-11-bln global health strategy

The World Health Assembly (WHA) approved a four-year USD 11.1 billion strategy for global health to promote, provide, and protect health and well-being for all people.

This came during the 77th meeting of the assembly, with delegates calling for an emphasis on climate change, aging, migration, pandemic threats, and equity, and adapted for a time of fast-moving geopolitics, science and technology, the WHA said in a press release.

The strategy, the Fourteenth General Programme of Work (GPW 14), treats 2025-2028 as an exceptional window of opportunity to build resilient, fit-for-future health systems and, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, to get back on track to reach the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, it said.

GPW 14 has six strategic objectives which reflect major areas of focus for this four-year period, including responing to the escalating threat to health posed by climate change, addressing health determinants and root causes of ill health in key policies across sectors.

The objectiv
es also include advancing primary health care and essential health system capacities for universal health coverage, improving health service coverage and financial protection to address inequity and gender inequalities, preventing, mitigating, and preparing for health risks from all hazards, and rapidly detecting and sustaining the response to health emergencies, it added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency