26 Palestinians killed in Israel’s new massacre in Khan Yunis

26 Palestinians, mostly children, were killed after an Israeli occupation aircraft bombed several residential apartments in the city of Khan Yunis at Saturday dawn.

According to Palestinian sources, Israeli warplanes launched multiple successive raids on apartments in the Hamad Residential Town in Khan Yunis, which killed 26 Palestinians and injured dozens.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, the occupation warplanes also targeted a house for Abu Hilal family in Al-Geneina neighborhood, east of Rafah, which killed a number of citizens who were taken to Al-Najjar Hospital.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Gaza death toll rises to 12,300 martyrs

The death toll in the Gaza Strip reached 12,300 martyrs, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

Additionally, the death toll included 5,000 children and 3,300 women, as well as more than 30,000 injuries since the beginning of the Israeli aggression against the besieged Strip on October 7, the ministry said.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Price of 21-karat gold hits JD40.2 per gramme in local market

Prices of 21-karat gold, the highest demand at local market, stood at JD40.20 per gramme, as a purchasing price, against JD38.50 as a selling price, an official said Saturday.

Jordan Jewelers Association’s Secretary General, Ribhy Allan, told Jordan News Agency (Petra) that the price of 24-karat and 18-karat gold amounted to JD47.40 and JD35.80, respectively.

The price of a Rashadi lira, weighing seven grammes, stood at JD285, while an English lira, which weighs eight grammes reached JD325, Allan said.

Allan explained that demand and supply for gold in the local market are “weak.”

He added that gold prices in global markets on Friday reached $1,981 per ounce.

Source: Jordan News Agency

FM, Dutch counterpart discuss efforts to end war against Gaza

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, received a phone call on Saturday from his Dutch counterpart, Hanke Bruins Slot, in which they discussed the importance of stepping up efforts to end the war (against Gaza) and protect civilians.

Safadi emphasized the importance of Israel complying with international will, ending the raging war in Gaza and the resulting humanitarian catastrophe and suffering, and ceasing its repeated and ongoing attacks on civilians and civilian facilities, particularly hospitals and places of worship.

Safadi also emphasized the importance of providing immediate humanitarian aid to Palestinian brothers in Gaza.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Jordan condemns ongoing Israeli war crimes in Gaza

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Saturday condemned ongoing war crimes by the Israeli occupation army in Gaza, the latest of which was targeting displaced people at the UNRWA-run Al-Fakhoura and Tal Al-Zaatar Schools.

The ministry called it a “heinous crime and flagrant violation of international law, which was committed in the absence of an international position to stop this raging war and the suffering and humanitarian catastrophe.”

Ministry spokesman Sufyan Al-Qudah reiterated Jordan’s “strong rejection and condemnation of this act, which contravenes all human and moral values and the international humanitarian law, especially the 1949 Geneva Convention on the Protection of civilians in time of war.”

The continued absence of justice and protection for the Palestinians and ongoing grave violations of international law and international humanitarian law without prompting effective international action to stop the brutal aggression is a dangerous deterioration that must stop immediately, h
e said.

The spokesman stressed the need for concerted efforts to stop “this raging war and recurrent Israeli violations of international law and attacks on civilians, schools, hospitals, and places of worship.

He also called on the international community and world bodies, namely the UN Security Council, to take all measures to stop the tragedy and aggression.

Source: Jordan News Agency

FM takes part in IISS Manama Dialogue 2023 in Bahrain

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Safadi, took part in the 19th edition of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Manama Dialogue 2023 on Saturday in Bahrain.

“The Israeli attack on Gaza constitutes brutal aggression, not self-defense, and if another country in the world had done part of what Israel did, sanctions would have been imposed on it from every corner of the world now,” Safadi said in a keynote speech at the dialogue.

“Nothing can justify this brutality,” Safadi emphasized.

“Israel is holding 2.3 million Palestinians hostage,” he said. 1.65 million Palestinians were displaced in Gaza, and in percentage terms, that is, about 275 million Americans. he stated.

He continued, “Israel is telling the Palestinians: We will not kill you in the north, but rather we will kill you in the south.”

“This conflict will continue to haunt the region unless its root cause, which is the occupation, is eliminated.”

“At this point, who is discussi
ng any regional projects? Who is discussing integration? It’s all about the war,” Safadi wondered.

“Arab forces will not be sent to Gaza,” Safadi emphasized, adding that he discussed this with his Arab counterparts.

He stated, “Israel places itself above the law, and preventing the entry of food, medicine, and fuel is a war crime.”

“The first priority at this point is to put an immediate stop to the war, aggression, and killing of civilians, women, and children. Next, we need to find a way to permanently end the conflict through the two-state solution. Violence will keep happening if it doesn’t,” Safadi further added.

Safadi forewarned of the conflict’s escalation. He made it clear that “there is an occupation that has not ended and no end appears on the horizon, and we will not consider any option that looks at Gaza alone.”

Safadi went on to say, “Yes to the release of the hostages, but no to linking the humanitarian truce to the release of the hostages.”

“For years, we have been warning about the lack
of a political horizon,” he said. We have always worked for peace for all.” He reiterated Jordan’s unwavering commitment to preventing the displacement of Palestinians and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Source: Jordan News Agency