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QU to Host International Forum on Preparing University Graduates for Future Challenges

Doha, Qatar University (QU), in partnership with the American Association of Colleges and Universities, will host on Monday, Oct. 30, 2023, the international forum "Reimagining General Education: Preparing University Graduates for Future Challenges" at the Conference Hall, Student Affairs Building (I11).

This forum will bring together leading minds, educators, and professionals from around the world to explore innovative approaches and high-impact practices in general education. Esteemed speakers from renowned universities worldwide will engage in discussions about the vital role of general education in equipping graduates for 21st-century challenges, the principles of entrepreneurial education, civic engagement, and the transformative power of digital learning during the fourth industrial revolution.

"The event will include roundtable discussions on the significance of general education in equipping graduates for 21st-century challenges," explains Dr. Saba Al Qadhi, Director of the Core Curriculum Program at QU. "It aspires to redefine how general education shapes graduates for a rapidly evolving world." The forum will include three round-table discussions about general education. This will include Entrepreneurial Education: Preparing Graduates for the Challenges of Life in the 21st Century; Embedding Civic Engagement in General Education: International Perspectives; and Digital Learning and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in General Education: Making the Exceptional Happen. Additionally, the forum will include keynote speakers from elite Arab and American universities worldwide, including QU.

The CCP is a significant component of all undergraduate academic programs offered by QU. It is a set of college-level courses drawn from different disciplines. The Core Curriculum Program has been designed to provide undergraduates with a general education a core of general skills and knowledge that every student needs to broaden their knowledge and perceptions of life.

The Core Curriculum Program (CCP) at QU is an integral component of our undergraduate academic programs, designed to equip students with a broad education encompassing various disciplines. Comprising a minimum of 33 credit hours, CCP offers courses in Identity and Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Humanities and Fine Arts, and the Core Knowledge and Skills Package.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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