150% increase in community platform participants: Hessa Buhumaid

DUBAI, Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, lauded the efforts of the summer social platform team and partners, which recently concluded its second session by achieving an increase in the number of participants.

The platform attracted (14,031) participants in five main themes, an increase of nearly (150%) compared to the numbers collected by the platform during the first session of last summer, which reached (5,688) participants in (6) interactive themes.

This was announced by during her speech at the honoring ceremony of the team, partners, supporters, trainers and volunteers at the summer social platform organized by the Ministry in recognition of the role of these groups and authorities for the platform’s remarkable success concluded late August.

Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid said: "Together, we have excelled in achieving an active participation of (14,031) people in this year's theme "Our Summer Recovering who participated in (37) interactive workshops in (5) main themes (agricultural hub, culture and entertainment hub, family hub, health and sports hub, professional development hub), in addition to the Toastmasters "Presentation Skills" program, bringing together (25) trainee students in vocational development programs, which contributed to a significant increase in the attraction of students, youth, children and families across the society."

The Minister of Community Development appreciated the role played by the platform partners and the achievements achieved by both children and families in taking responsibility for attending training, education, rehabilitation, pleasure and practice in order to achieve the required results throughout the summer vacation. She also lauded the positive impact of the cooperation between the Ministry and a number of ministries, local authorities and the private sector based on the ministry’s vision to provide broad, targeted and sustainable partnerships for a "stable family and a cohesive society".

She added that the summer social platform initiatives target all family members, parents, children and youth, senior citizens and people of determination through field or virtual activities. This year came in the light of our recovery phase to overcome COVID-19 Pandemic usefully and safely at the same time. The widespread and increasing participation in its various programs and themes ensure the best investment of children's leisure time during the summer vacation period. The platform also reflects the participation of family members in various programs and events suitable for all ages thereby enhancing social development efforts based on creativity, innovation and sustainability.

The number of participations in the summer social platform in its second session reached (14,031) people aged 6 to 60 years divided as: (3,486) in agricultural hub, (2,943) in culture and entertainment hub, (4,017) in family hub, (2,442) health and sports hub and finally (1,143) people enrolled in professional development hub programs.

The summer social platform is the result of joint cooperation between the ministry and nine entities in the UAE representing ministries, local government authorities and the private sector, where dozens of programs and initiatives have been implemented through effective partnerships with a number of entities including: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Culture and Youth, Emirates Foundation, Executive Council of the Government of Ajman, Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Program for Excellence and Community Intelligence.

The platform's activities focused on a series of quality and joint effort projects, ensuring that leisure time is invested positively during the summer vacation period, and stimulating family participation in programs and events in an atmosphere of happiness and positivity, where summer platform programs address all categories and allow each family to choose from a range of projects and initiatives.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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