DEWA issues Handbook of Electricity and Water Conservation Measures

DUBAI, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has issued the Handbook of Electricity and Water Conservation Measures, to inform residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers about technologies and systems to reduce their usage of electricity and water.

This is part of DEWA’s efforts to enhance sustainability and engage customers and society members to use electricity and water sensibly to contribute in protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. A digital copy of the handbook is available under the ‘Sustainability’ section on DEWA’s website

"Sustainability has always been an integral part of our culture in the UAE and Dubai has been a pioneer in the implementation of initiatives that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. DEWA plays a pivotal role in protecting the environment by increasing the share of clean and renewable energy and launching several programmes that encourage the sensible use of energy and water. This support the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy to reduce demand for electricity and water by 30 percent by 2030," said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA.

"We are keen to engage all society members in efforts to protect the environment. Our year-round conservation programmes include many innovative initiatives that encourage consumers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We hope this handbook will make a positive change and encourage conservation to protect natural resources and ensure their sustainability for generations to come," Al Tayer added.

The Handbook of Electricity and Water Conservation Measures highlights many modern technologies to conserve electricity and water consumption for various types of buildings. It covers two types of measures: Adding or replacing existing equipment and control measures to increase the efficiency of buildings and retrofitting them. These include air conditioning and cooling systems, lighting systems, water-saving fixtures, as well as building control systems to improve the operation of equipment.

Moreover, the Handbook presents expected savings as a result of implementing conservation measures. It also includes useful links and additional tips for customers to learn about further technologies to conserve electricity and water in their buildings.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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