‘Lunar Lockdown’ Now Streaming on ALLBLK

Plymouth Blvd Productions brings you a must-see, action-packed, sci-fi thriller, "Lunar Lockdown", now streaming on ALLBLK Network.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 / Plymouth Blvd Productions hosted a star-studded world premiere of their new sci-fi movie "Lunar Lockdown" at iPic Westwood on Tuesday, January 23rd. Guests were welcomed with complimentary cocktails while the movie’s producers and talent walked the Black Carpet. Pantheon MGMT worked behind the scenes to produce this amazing screening.

Lunar Lockdown Cast Premiere Photo
Lunar Lockdown Cast Premiere Photo
L to R: Erica Peeples, Leila Weisberg, LisaRaye McCoy, Jhone Lucas, Cameo Sherrell, Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

The packed-out theater boasted a happy crowd engaged in the film’s synopsis, given by producer, writer and actor Damien Douglas and the film’s producer Kevin Weisberg. Guests enjoyed unlimited popcorn and candy, as well as an entree of their choice, while watching the special premiere of "Lunar Lockdown".

After a brief Q&A with film star LisaRaye McCoy, who shared pivotal moments featured during the process of filming, guests caravanned to Senator Jones for a fun after-party, where the extraordinary DJ Brian Henry set the tone for a jubilant night. A dessert bar was the perfect pairing for the champagne and cocktails that flowed as everyone celebrated Lunar Lockdown’s premiere.

Lunar Lockdown premiered on the ALLBLK network, the popular streaming service for Black television and film from AMC Networks, on Thursday, February 1st. The Lunar Lockdown World Premiere photo gallery is available here courtesy of Getty Images.

Synopsis: In the year 2075, the Earth is no longer the home of the United States’ most violent criminals. These convicts are sent to the moon to serve their time under the rule of Warden Felicity Myers (LisaRaye McCoy, A House Divided, Single Ladies). When inmate Christina Jenkins (Laila Odom, Salt-N-Pepa) arrives at the prison, she quickly finds out that serving her time quietly is not an option. The women of Orion Colony Prison are used in every way a human can be for personal gain. When an opportunity arises, Jenkins and a group of inmates come together to fight to regain their freedom and dignity. The film features LisaRaye McCoy, Cameo Sherrell (The Haves and the Have Nots), Leila Weisberg (Deadly Desire), Erica Peeples (All American), Jhone Y. Lucas (The Gen Zone), Janeshia Adams-Ginyard (Station 19), Damien Douglas, Mark Fleischmann (Infinite), Laila Odom (Salt n Peppa), Nari Blair-Mangat (Cinderella).

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Funding the Affordable Connectivity Program Is Critical for Our Country’s Future

By Broderick Johnson

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 / Our world increasingly operates online, and the Internet has forever changed our way of life. Today, everything – from working remotely and doing homework, to earning a degree or certificate, learning digital skills, applying for jobs, and communicating with your doctor – happens on the Internet.

The impact is tremendous, and today more than 22 million Americans are online with the support of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Unfortunately, funding for the ACP may run out as soon as April – putting so much progress at risk.

We agree with the bipartisan group of 174 mayors – representing cities from Scranton, PA and Jackson, MS to Beaverton, OR and Oakland, CA – who wrote to Congress this week highlighting the impact of the ACP and the urgent need to renew funding for the program.

A new study by the Benenson Strategy Group illustrates how impactful the ACP has been for participating individuals and families. The study (supported by Comcast) found that the program benefitted millions of households and may be the greatest advance in connecting lower-income families since our own Internet Essentials program was launched more than ten years ago. There’s a lot more work to do to enroll others, but as the Benenson research establishes, it’s well worth the investment.

Without the program, we run the risk of reversing advancements made to attach so many "at risk" citizens as tightly as we can to the modern world. The study confirms what I have seen firsthand – the ACP is benefitting Americans from all walks of life and across the nation. In fact, nearly 50% of ACP enrollees are military families, nearly 41% live in the South, and nearly 26% live in rural areas.

According to ACP participants, if they are unable to continue participating in the program:

  • 71% worry they will miss out on job opportunities that would help them get ahead financially.
  • 65% worry they will lose their job – a number that is even higher for Americans in rural zip codes.
  • 81% of ACP parents worry their children will fall behind in school.
  • 75% worry about losing access to important healthcare services, like online appointments or online prescription refills.

I’ve had the opportunity to cross this great nation to raise awareness about the critical role access to the Internet plays in our daily lives. Affordability has certainly been a significant barrier for many lower income households, and I have been able to point to the ACP and our own Internet Essentials (IE) program as substantial efforts to remove cost as a barrier. There are other barriers. I’ve met many who are simply unaware that they are eligible for these programs. And I’ve met others whose life experiences sadly make them distrust solutions like the ACP, as we have found in our research examining Internet Essentials. But along the way, I’ve met many inspiring Americans who are overcoming these barriers and whose lives have been transformed by the ACP and IE.

I’m especially proud of the outreach we’ve done in the military community – reaching veterans and military families through organizations like the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET). Last year, I visited MCVET in Baltimore where they helped a veteran named Michael learn about the ACP and connect to the Internet for the first time through Comcast. He is now using the Internet to access his hard-earned military benefits and set up job interviews to jumpstart a career in a new field.

There’s Mayra – a single mother of two in Philadelphia, PA. Without Internet access, her children struggled to the keep up with their schoolwork. But once she got her home connected with the help of the ACP (by enrolling in Comcast’s IE program), her children were able to stay on track in their own home. Today, one of her daughters is enrolled in a four-year university. She’s working to become one of the first in her family to graduate from college and to pursue her ultimate dream of becoming a lawyer.

I also met Gina- a mother of three from St. Paul, MN. When her kids faced a range of urgent and chronic health issues, she relied on ACP to help pay for home Internet so she could access digital healthcare and wellness services for her children.

At Comcast, we’ve been committed to closing the digital divide for more than a decade. For ACP participants concerned that the government will fail to extend the program, we have your back with options to keep you and your family connected. For example, we will continue to offer a variety of reliable, low-cost Internet services, like Internet Essentials, for as low as $9.95/month, the exact same price as when the service was introduced in 2011.

We’re also committed to reaching more Americans with our powerful network through expansions happening in every corner of the country. Every time Comcast flips the switch on a new residential block or bustling main street, we bring not only our world-class suite of services, but a commitment to supporting the community. In rural Biola, CA for example, we have invested in local organizations and since day one have shared broadband affordability resources like the ACP with residents.

Comcast also offers unlimited access to the nation’s largest network of WiFi hotspots through WiFi Pass, for $20/month. We’ll also continue to offer a range of speeds and service tiers to meet the needs of every household. In addition to our Internet products, we’ll leverage our expansive Digital Navigator network and our free, WiFi-connected Lift Zones in neighborhood community centers to ensure families have more ways to get online.

Connectivity has reinvented how we work and live. If we fail, in this historic moment, to reach the tens of millions of more Americans who don’t yet use the Internet at home, then our collective future is at risk. That’s why closing the digital divide must remain at the top of our country’s priority list. Comcast will continue to do its part, but the private sector can’t do it alone. Congress and the White House must make extending the ACP an immediate, bipartisan priority so that tens of millions of American households, including Michael’s, Mayra’s, and Gina’s get and stay connected to this critical resource.

Broderick D. Johnson is Executive Vice President, Public Policy, and Executive Vice President, Digital Equity for Comcast Corporation.

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Verizon Recognized With Corporate Award of Excellence by Irving, Texas Mayor Rick Stopfer

IRVING, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 /

Irving, Texas Mayor Rick Stopfer announced Verizon as the recipient of the Mayor’s Corporate Award of Excellence at the 2024 State of the City hosted by the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce. The Mayor’s Corporate Award of Excellence recognizes a company, organization or individual that exemplifies excellence in the work it does, the services it offers, the contributions it makes to the community and the commitment it provides to the city and its residents.

"Verizon exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and corporate responsibility, values that we hold in high regard in Irving," said Mayor Rick Stopfer. "Verizon has long been a valued member of Irving’s business community, contributing economically and philanthropically to the city. Their commitment to excellence, innovation and community engagement makes them a model winner of the 2024 Mayor’s Award."

"Verizon is honored to be recognized with Mayor Stopfer’s Corporate Award of Excellence," said Verizon Market President Michelle R. Miller. "Irving has been our regional home for many years and we are proud of our long history with the city. It’s where our employees work, play and serve the community and it is still a place where we see opportunity ahead of us."

For more than 30 years, Verizon has had a corporate campus in Irving. Known as Hidden Ridge, the campus serves as a worksite for thousands of employees in varying functions including consumer, business and network. Hidden Ridge is one of seven engagement hubs for the company. The goal of these hubs is to create cultural centers where employees can come together, work together and connect with each other. The hub locations represent key business and talent markets for the company.

"Verizon is a well-deserved recipient of the Mayor’s Corporate Award of Excellence," said Beth A. Bowman, President and CEO of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and Irving Economic Development Partnership. "The team at Verizon have been valuable partners to the Chamber and Irving Economic Development Partnership, as we strive to take care of our member-investors and attract businesses to expand or relocate home to Irving-Las Colinas. Verizon has also been a great community partner and we thank them for their investment in Irving-Las Colinas."

Since 2017, Verizon has played an integral role in supporting education in Irving. Through Verizon Innovative Learning, over 24,000 students have been reached across 13 schools within the Irving Independent School District, equipping them with free technology, internet access and innovative STEM learning. 100% of eligible middle and high schools are part of the program. The district was also awarded nine Verizon Innovative Learning Labs, providing students and teachers access to emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence. The multi-year initiative brings a project-based curriculum to help solve real-world problems in a custom-designed, experiential learning lab.

Verizon’s holistic investment in the greater Irving-Las Colinas community – and across the nation – ladder back to Citizen Verizon, the company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement. Verizon is moving the world forward through action by expanding digital access and resources, protecting the climate, and ensuring people have the skills needed for jobs of the future.

Additional local investments made by Verizon include recent major upgrades to the network serving customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. These upgrades are part of a multi-year redesign of its network architecture to stay ahead of exponential data usage increases, upgrade the technology in the network, and pave the way for personalized customer experiences. Network upgrades to DFW include deploying new cell sites to extend coverage and capacity in local communities and 5G C-Band bandwidth upgrades, which has resulted in increased speeds across the DFW Metroplex.

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ReturnLogic Debuts Comprehensive Analytics Update to Reinvent Retail Returns Management

ReturnLogic’s updated Analytics platform revolutionizes e-commerce returns, transforming them into strategic advantages by offering deep insights for fraud prevention, customer behavior analysis, and profitability.

CAMP HILL, PA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 / ReturnLogic, the vanguard in e-commerce returns management solutions, proudly announces a strategic update to its Analytics platform, meticulously crafted to empower enterprise retailers in their quest for increased profitability, operational efficiency, and fraud prevention.

Peter Sobotta, CEO of ReturnLogic, said, "This Analytics update marks a significant step forward in our mission to transform returns into a strategic business advantage. By providing deeper, data-driven insights, we are not just simplifying the returns process but elevating it to a critical component of business intelligence and revenue growth."

The enhanced Analytics platform introduces an array of features and enhancements:

Advanced Fraud Detection: Sophisticated algorithms to identify fraudulent activities, protecting the retailer’s revenue.

Customer Behavior Insights: Deep analytics into shopping patterns, driving personalized marketing and inventory decisions.

Profitability Analysis: Tools to dissect and understand the financial implications of returns, empowering retailers to make cost-saving decisions.

Operational Streamlining: Automated processes and intuitive interfaces to maximize efficiency in returns handling.

Exportable Data Reports: Comprehensive, customizable reporting capabilities, ensuring that data is accessible and actionable.

Custom Alerts: Real-time notifications to keep teams informed of critical developments, allowing for swift action.

"Our goal is to ensure that retailers not only manage the operational component of returns but also capitalize on their returns data," Sobotta added. "The latest Analytics platform does just that, by providing a quantitative score into the customer’s journey allowing retailers to automate for the most profitable decisions throughout the entire returns process."

These features are designed with the retailer’s needs in mind-balancing customer satisfaction with profitability in a scalable solution. The update signifies ReturnLogic’s dedication to advancing returns management from a necessary backend operation to a strategic function of e-commerce business. Learn more about ReturnLogic Returns Analytics.

About ReturnLogic:

ReturnLogic is transforming e-commerce returns management with its data-driven SaaS platform. By integrating with leading e-commerce systems, ReturnLogic simplifies the returns process while offering actionable insights, helping retailers make informed decisions that drive growth.

For more information on how ReturnLogic is changing the landscape of returns management, visit www.returnlogic.com.

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Jennifer Styles

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irlabs Investor Relations Agency Welcomes Ira M. Gostin to the Team as it Grows its Presence in the U.S.

VANCOUVER, BC and TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 / irlabs, a leading Canadian investor relations firm is pleased to announce that Ira M. Gostin, MBA, APR, of Reno, Nevada has joined the company in the role of vice president, investor relations, and will be managing client investor relations (IR) mandates as well as supporting the expansion of irlabs’ presence in the U.S.

"We are very excited about Ira joining the irlabs team to help us expand our presence into the U.S.," said Alyssa Barry, principal and co-founder of irlabs. "Ira is a consummate professional with an investor relations, public relations and marketing career rich in experience, relationships and accomplishments, and we warmly welcome him to irlabs."

With a background in strategic marketing communications, Gostin has been practising investor relations in the resource sector since 2010, working as vice president, investor relations and corporate communications for Tahoe Resources Inc. (TSX: TAHO) from its formation through subsequent initial public offering, and then through its acquisition by Pan American Silver (TSX: PAAS). He then stepped into the role of head of IR for Rye Patch Gold Corp. (TSXV: RPM) until its acquisition by Alio Gold Inc. (NYSE: ALO) in 2018.

Since then Gostin has worked as a strategic advisor for exploration and mining companies both in Canada and the U.S. He has worked with listed companies on the TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE and Nasdaq stock exchanges developing and executing IR programs. He has been involved in over US$1 billion in equity raises and acquisitions in his career.

"I am thrilled to join the team at irlabs, Canada’s premier investor relations agency and help them further grow into the resource/mining sector and expand into the U.S.," said Gostin. "irlabs is a team of innovative IR and marketing professionals and I’m really looking forward to contributing to the depth this team has in servicing global clients."

Gostin is a member of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI), NIRI: The Association of Investor Relations, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), has won numerous awards for IR campaigns and annual reports and was named Communications Strategist of the Year by Corporate LiveWire in 2023.

For further information or to inquire about the services irlabs offers, please visit www.irlabs.ca or contact happyinvestors@irlabs.ca.


irlabs is a dynamic investor relations firm that goes beyond the news release. We design and execute investor relations programs customized to tell your story, drive investor engagement, create visibility and make an impact. For more information visit www.irlabs.ca.

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Alyssa Barry

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Can a ‘Food as Medicine’ Approach Help Manage Diabetes?

In Stockton, Calif., delivering healthy meal boxes to people with diabetes has led to encouraging results.

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2024 / Abbott

"Olive oil is my favorite oil," nutrition educator Alex Marapao says, her words wafting out along with the smell of herbs and greens sizzling in a pan.

"I don’t know if you cook with olive oil at all, but, if you don’t, I recommend it the next time you go grocery shopping," she continues. "I always use olive oil when I cook, and I think it gives a good flavor."

An ode to oil. Only, it’s much more than that.

Marapao sprinkles tributes like that into every cooking demonstration she gives at the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton, Calif. She shouts out lean proteins, leafy greens (like the ones she was sauteing in the olive oil for an omelette), whole grains – anything you would label "good for you."

And that is intentional, because, in the battle against diabetes, food is medicine.

The educators at the Food Bank – including Marapao, the nutrition programs supervisor there – are on a mission, along with Community Medical Centers of Stockton and several other dedicated organizations. They want to share nutrition education that takes root in the community and grows healthy habits. And they want these habits to last not only a lifetime, but for generations to come.

It’s a critical mission in Stockton – a city of about 320,000 people just south of California’s capital city of Sacramento – where almost 60% of residents are prediabetic or living with diabetes.1 It is also a city where, like many around the United States, there are neighborhoods that are considered "food deserts" because they don’t have access to neighborhood grocery stores, making it a huge challenge to access healthy, affordable food.

That’s why we partnered with these organizations to design a program called Healthy Food Rx that launched in 2021 and receives funding from the Abbott Fund, the philanthropic arm of Abbott.

Participants in the program get a box delivered to their homes every other week. Each is packed with a rotating roster of proteins, produce and other healthy staples. (Some of the items in a recent shipment: kale, mango, pineapple and peanut butter.)

What happened when we worked with our community partners to try to grow the "Food as Medicine" movement in Stockton in an organic way?

The early results are encouraging.

Good Things from Good Food

Food as medicine? Meaning, take two heads of lettuce and call your doctor in the morning?

Well, no. But …

That statement isn’t as silly as it sounds. "Food as Medicine" essentially boils down to the idea that you can draw a straight line from healthy foods to improved health. That’s why, when you hear "Food as Medicine," you also hear about things like medically tailored meals and produce prescription programs.

Our Healthy Food Rx program puts a grassroots twist on that "prescription" model. After all, the other major aim of the movement is to make sure everyone has access to good nutrition. Instead of having a doctor write prescriptions or putting out medical recommendations, we tackled the problem of food insecurity head-on by delivering the food directly to people managing chronic illnesses.

Already, Stockton is seeing results.

We conducted a study with the Public Health Institute of the "first batch" of 450 participants in our program over the course of 12 months. And what we found was that many of them were able to lower the glucose level in their blood. Participants with uncontrolled diabetes saw their A1C levels go down by 0.8%, and the A1C level of the entire cohort decreased by an average of 0.35%. Both decreases marked statistically significant changes.

On top of that, we saw evidence that healthy habits were taking hold, and that the gospel of good nutrition was spreading. Fruit, vegetable and water consumption went up. About three-quarters of the people in the study said they were still following their meal plan after a year. And almost 40% of them said they now talk to mentors and friends about healthy living.

Ready for a Change

"The light bulb went on for me when I started losing weight without trying," says Barbara White.

White lives in Stockton and makes a mean soup. She loads it up with seafood, macaroni – and, lately, kale, cabbage or greens.

"My grandson … one time, I had broccoli but I forgot to put it in the soup. He called me on it," White says with a laugh. "And he was 5 years old."

White was an enthusiastic member of the first cohort of our Healthy Food Rx program. Before joining, she had been contending with a post-pandemic double whammy: her diabetes, for one thing, and being able to find the healthy foods she needed to manage it.

"I’m going to four different stores," she says. "You try to route it so that you hit everybody – and you get what you need and get out of there. Because, if not, you end up going over budget."

Which segues into another highlight from our Healthy Food Rx 12-month data: Food security increased to 44% from 34%.

All Together Now

Nutrition is an important part of the solution the world needs to counteract the global diabetes epidemic, which impacts hundreds of millions of lives.

But it’s one part of many. Our dose of "Food as Medicine" fits into a larger strategy that people in Stockton started building with us five years ago – an initiative we called Future Well Communities. While Healthy Food Rx delivers eats and education:

  • Community Medical Centers provides patients with health education and peer support paired with medical visits to help them stay on track.
  • Community organizations APSARA and El Concilio connect people with diabetes to local community health workers, healthcare services and transportation to get them there.
  • And the Stockton-based University of the Pacific runs diabetes clinics that provide free health screenings and referrals for treatment and other services they need.

The closer these partners work together, the tighter the bonds they form – and the more insights they find. One example: Students from the University of the Pacific’s School of Pharmacy recently presented research based on more than 800 screenings at 10 different community health fairs. What was the service they referred the most people for? Nutrition education, which the Emergency Food Bank can now provide, thanks to grants from the Abbott Fund and other organizations.

Marapao and others at the Emergency Food Bank bake an educational element into every Healthy Food Rx box delivery. When Marapao talks up the flavor of olive oil, she’s really speaking to the underlying benefit of cooking with a healthy fat instead of canola or vegetable oil. The staff whips up tasty recipes and brings them to life in those live cooking demonstrations from the Food Bank’s test kitchen.

People get the food, most importantly, but they also get to cook along at home and bond with each other over their favorite nuggets of nutrition knowledge.

Given all of this – and the encouraging results we’ve seen early on from Healthy Food Rx – we’re expanding the next group of participants in the program to 1,000.

As Leonard Hansen, CEO of the Emergency Food Bank, says: "The idea is to inject at least some ‘food-as-medicine’ thinking into all of what we do. And we do that through the community health workers."

Each food box is delivered with hope – that, with programs like Healthy Food Rx, with partnerships like Future Well Communities, we’re cooking up a fresh approach to helping people live healthier lives.


1 Kietzman KG, Bacong AM, Gutierrez B, Pourat N. Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Stockton: Abbott Fund’s Strategic Plan. UCLA Center for Health Policy Research; 2018.

Healthy Food Rx Recipe
Pressed Kale Salad with Tofu and Pineapple



  • 3 cups kale
  • 2 cups dandelion
  • 1-½ cup diced pineapple
  • 2 cups grilled tofu
  • Pecans and blueberries (optional)


  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 shallot, minced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste


  1. In a mason jar combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, shallots, garlic, salt and black pepper.
  2. Place the lid on the jar and shake vigorously until thoroughly combined.
  3. In a big bowl combine kale, dandelion, pineapple and grilled tofu. (Optional: top with pecans and blueberries.) Add dressing and mix up until vegetables are fully coated.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

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