Anti-aggression parties bless operations targeting American-British enemy

The coalition of anti-aggression political parties and forces have blessed the operations targeting the American-British enemy with four qualitative operations in the 24 hours.

In a statement, the coalition said the escalation of the Yemeni armed forces against American-British ships as the beginning of a qualitative transformation in Yemeni military operations and an affirmation of the stability of the position in support of the resistance in Gaza and the West Bank and a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people who are subjected to genocide and a stifling siege for the fifth month in a row, in response to the American-British aggression against Yemen.

The statement pointed out that the operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces are more faithful to the promise of the Leader of the Revolution in his successive speeches confirming that the operations in the Red and Arab seas will escalate and will not stop until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted.

t pointed out that the armed forces embodied the sincere popular will, which constitutes the strongest guarantees to continue on the path of steadfastness and confrontation until achieving clear victory in the sacred battle against the forces of global terrorism.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Sharjah Municipality unveils innovative projects during UAE Innovation Month

SHARJAH: The Municipality of Sharjah City (SM) has introduced a series of groundbreaking projects and initiatives in celebration of the UAE Innovation Month.

These projects are aligned with the digital transformation strategy and harness the power of artificial intelligence to fulfill the objectives of the Emirate of Sharjah, thereby enhancing vital services catering to the community.

The celebration took place at the municipality’s main building in the Musalla area in the presence of Dr. Sulaiman Abdallah bin Sarhan Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Municipal Affairs Department, and Obaid Saeed Al Tenaiji, Director-General of the Municipality, among others, in attendance.

Highlighting the significance of the municipality’s annual participation in the UAE Innovation Month, Al Tenaiji underscored its commitment to advancing services in line with Sharjah’s comprehensive progress across all sectors. He emphasised the importance of fostering a culture of innovation among employees, facilitating the transformation of p
ioneering ideas into tangible projects.

Reem Abdullah Al Rossi, Director of the Human Resources Department and Head of the Innovation Team at Sharjah Municipality, revealed that the municipality started the “Smart Path” project as one of its creative initiatives. It is an innovative programme that helps to design and automate inspection operations in public parking management as well as monitor the usage of inspection vehicles by department users.

Additionally, the municipality introduced the Global Inspection Device, a pioneering apparatus tailored to meet the specifications required for inspections by the Central Laboratories Management.

Another standout innovation is the Smart Lens system, an advanced technology devised by experts at Sharjah City Municipality. Leveraging an advanced optical language model, this system enables residents to conveniently submit audio and video complaints and observations to the municipality via the WhatsApp application.

Furthermore, the municipality has spearheaded initia
tives aimed at nurturing the talents of school students and youth. Programmes like Innovative Engineer, Innovative Farmer, and Innovative Inspector are tailored to enhance students’ skills, broaden their experiences, and acquaint them with the functions of Sharjah City Municipality.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Tahtamouni, Yemeni envoy talk transport cooperation

Amman: Minister of Transport, Wissam Tahtamouni, on Tuesday discussed with Yemeni Ambassador to Jordan, Dr. Jalal Ibrahim Faqira, and his accompanying delegation, ways to enhance joint cooperation aspects in the transportation field.

During the meeting, Tahtamouni discussed regional and international developments, Red Sea crisis, its impact on maritime transport, and the options available to mitigate the standoff consequences.

The two sides reviewed means to boost the bilateral relations with regard to mutual agreements, expressing aspiration to achieve further transport cooperation, according to a ministry statement.

For his part, the Yemeni envoy praised the Jordanian-Yemeni relations, as well as the Kingdom’s role and its wise leadership for their continued support to Yemen to achieve common interests.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Social justice a major pillar of UAE’s Development Process: Attorney General of Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI: Marking World Day of Social Justice, Ali Mohammed Alblooshi, Attorney General of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, emphasised the significance of the UAE’s advancements in this crucial area. He underscored the leadership’s dedication to human values, justice, and peaceful coexistence as key drivers of this progress.

Alblooshi placed social justice at the heart of the UAE’s development journey, describing it as a fundamental pillar upon which the nation’s distinctive model of tolerance and social cohesion thrives. He commended the UAE’s exemplary approach to achieving social justice for its diverse population, fostering unity, peace, and prosperity.

On this occasion, Alblooshi expressed pride in the UAE’s global leadership and reiterated the commitment to uphold its achievements while advancing a comprehensive strategic vision for equitable social development, aimed at enhancing leadership, competitiveness, and sustainable progress.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Amended Student Support Fund Bylaw released

Amman: A Royal decree was issued approving the amended Student Support Fund in Public Universities Bylaw.

In a statement on Tuesday to “Petra,” media spokesperson of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Muhannad Khatib, said the previous bylaw and related instructions fully apply to students, who are currently studying at Jordan’s public universities and have already applied to benefit from internal scholarships and loans for the academic year 2023-2024.

Within 48 hours, Khatib added that the ministry’s scholarships directorate will announce calculated points to public university students for this purpose and open e-objections, indicating that applications for humanitarian cases will also be launched.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Abu Dhabi City Municipality carries out campaign to deal with unlicensed selling

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has conducted a comprehensive campaign aimed at combating the issue of unlicensed selling.

This initiative targets various sectors, including residents, real estate owners, businesses, and shops, aiming to educate them about the risks associated with street vendors operating without permits.

The campaign emphasised the importance of adhering to regulations governing business activities to ensure consumer safety, and uphold quality standards.

The Municipality emphasised the crucial role residents play in curbing this practice by avoiding dealing with unauthorised vendors and choosing licensed establishments instead.

The campaign highlighted the potential dangers posed by unregulated goods, urging residents to prioritise their well-being. Specialised teams will conduct educational campaigns within communities to foster responsible behavior and understanding.

Additionally, the Municipality utilises its official platforms including websites and social media channels
to disseminate informative messages and bulletins. Residents, companies, and shops receive text reminders, encouraging compliance with trading regulations to mitigate the prevalence of unlicensed street vendors and safeguard community well-being.

Source: Emirates News Agency