Ibb University in short film competition

Ibb University Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Abu Lahoum, reviewed the filming work for the short film ‘The End of Table,’ which is being prepared by a group of students from Computer and Information Technology Center at the university.

The production of the film comes in preparation for the university students’ participation in the competitive artistic competition between Yemeni universities for short films.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Injuries among Israeli occupation army personnel grow to 2,855 since Oct 7

Amman: The Israeli occupation army revealed on Sunday that the number of wounded among its personnel has grown to 2,855 since October 7.

The injured included 1,679 minor, 744 moderate, and 432 serious injuries, according to the Israeli Ministry of Defense website.

The Israeli occupation army also announced that two of its officers and a soldier were seriously injured during battles with the resistance in the southern Gaza Strip. According to Israeli sources, one of the two officers works in the occupation army’s engineering battalion, while the other officer and soldier work in the paratroopers unit.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians, their properties in Hebron, Jericho, Nablus

Ramallah: Armed settlers carried out attacks in areas of the West Bank on Sunday, targeting a number of Palestinians, their homes, and their cars.

Settlers demolished homes and destroyed agricultural facilities in the Masafer Yatta area, south of the city of Hebron in the southernly occupied West Bank.

Rateb al-Jabour, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlement in the South of the West Bank, said that the settlers demolished homes, destroyed a cave, a water well, and sheep pens in the Shugb Fursa area, chased shepherds in Wadi al-Jawaya, and prevented them from reaching pastures and fields at gunpoint.

Settlers also attacked the Arab al-Malaihat community near the Mu’arjat road west of the city of Jericho.

Hassan Malaihat, the general supervisor of the Beduin Defense Organization, said that armed settlers stormed the community, chased the Palestinians, and terrorized them.

Settlers also attacked Palestinian vehicles northwest of the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank on Su

The Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission said in a statement that the settlers attacked the vehicles at the junction of the village of Bazzaria northwest of Nablus, throwing stones at them and damaging several of them.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Gov’t endorses slew of decisions, 2nd, final add

_: The Cabinet also decided to approve the recommendation of the Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Human Resources Component in the Public Sector Modernization Roadmap, which includes approving the mandating reasons for the Draft Regulation of the Administrative Organization of the Department of Land and Survey (DLS) for 2024.

The draft regulation aims to enable the DLS to carry out the tasks and powers stipulated in the legislation in force, including the Real Estate Law.

The government also decided to approve the mandating reasons for the Draft Regulation amending the regulation of projects for the Exploitation of Oil, Shale Oil, Coal, and Strategic Minerals for 2024 in order to achieve legislative harmony and integration with the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission Law No. (8) of 2017 and the Natural Resources Law No. (19) of 2018, to regulate some aspects related to licensing companies wishing to work in this field, and to encourage investment in it.

Additionally, the Council of Mi
nisters was briefed on the weekly report submitted by the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply, Yousef Al-Shamali, on the measures taken to monitor the markets.

Al-Shamali explained that during the first week of February, 112 inspection rounds were conducted, during which 1958 commercial establishments were visited, resulting in the issuance of 107 violations.

He also pointed out that through monitoring the prices of 90 basic commodities during the first week of February, 70 of them remained stable, 10 decreased, and 10 increased by percentages ranging between 3-5%.

He added that the Civil Service Consumer Corporation (JCSCC) and the Military Consumer Establishment (MCE) are committed to sell at current prices until after the end of the holy month of Ramadan, in accordance with the previous decision of the Council of Ministers in this regard.

Al-Shamali reiterated that the Kingdom’s stock of basic goods is safe and sufficient for safe periods, and that shipping movement is proceeding regularly and as u

Source: Jordan News Agency

Gov’t endorses slew of decisions

Amman: The Cabinet on Sunday approved the Public-Private Partnership Projects regulation for 2024.

The regulation aims to regulate the stages of public-private partnership projects and the obligations of both the government entity and the contracting party, to organize the procedures for tendering partnership projects in a way that achieves equality, transparency, and makes information related to the tender available to all, and to determine the procedures for appealing against a partnership project tender.

The regulation also includes the determination of basic conditions that must be met in the partnership contract and its related provisions and procedures, and a statement of the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract, in addition to setting the bases and procedures for soliciting bids and direct contracting, and the conditions for resorting to each of them and the provisions therein.

The Council of Ministers also approved the Public-Private Partnership Projects Account Regulation for 2024
in order to provide the necessary funding for studies and reports related to partnership projects and contracting with consultants, hiring experts, and tendering for the preparation of public-private partnership projects included in the National Register of Government Investment Projects.

The regulation stipulates the establishment of a special account for spending on the preparation of partnership projects, in which the amounts allocated by the government are deposited, the determination of their expenditures, and the criteria for selecting projects eligible for financing from this account.

Source: Jordan News Agency

World Bank Group President visits Gov’t services center in Al-Muqabalain

Amman: World Bank Group President Ajay Banga visited the Government Services Center in the Al-Muqabalain area on Sunday to examine the center’s range of distinguished services.

The group president was received by Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh and the ministry’s team, according to a ministry statement.

The visit is part of the joint efforts to enhance cooperation and continuous development to provide distinguished government services to citizens and improve the quality of public services.

The visit embodies the shared commitment between the government and international institutions such as the World Bank Group to achieve tangible progress in modernizing the public sector and enhancing the services provided to citizens, in line with the roadmap for modernizing the public sector and promoting transparency and efficiency in the delivery of government services.

Source: Jordan News Agency